Top 3 Magnetic Balls Playing Channel Recommended for You

The one who attract each other may not only be lovers, magnetic balls can also be.I would like to share you the Top 3 YouTube Channels with you, if you have your own idea, please leave a comment below and discuss with me.

The 3rd : Omo Magnets

Link: Click here

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Omo magnets on YouTube

Hey, this is my channel,  you can see over 20000+ magnetic balls in my videos, I tried to make different things like tutorial , magnetic balls show, and destroy magnetic sculptures and etc. Welcome to my channel and talk with me.

The 2nd : Magnetic Games

Link: Click here

Over View:

Magnetic Games

I think he is really a talent man, you can see every thing about neodymium magnets , magnetic balls, magnetic sculptures and even magnetic weapons, maybe he have something you may ever thought.

The 1st : Mr Balls

Link: Click here

Over View:

Mr Balls on YouTube

Hey, this is a new channel who make magnetic balls sculptures, the video is really beautiful can catch my eyes. I am not sure how many magnetic balls he have. To sum up, he is a man who is really rich and talent.

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